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Change Canvas Size in photoshop CS6

How to change Canvas Size in photoshop CS6

There are many options for changing the size of the canvas. The size of a canvas is the complete editable area of a picture. You can use the safer Canvas Size command.the adds of canvas size are rising space around existing.Minimize a picture’s canvas size you have to crop into the selected image.if you want that a canvs size is increasing with a transparent background in your selected image then you have to add the canvas is transparent.there are an indicate option for determining the color of the added canvas if the image does not have a transparent background.The Canvas Size command merely changes the size of the canvas, or page, on which the image sits.

1.Choose Image→Canvas Size.

2.The Canvas Size dialog box appears. You should Enter the size for the canvas in the Width & Height boxes of your needy.



easily How to change Canvas Size in photoshop CS6
How to change Canvas Size in photoshop CS6


3.choose and enter a new value in the Width and Height text boxes.You can also change the units of measurement what you want from the pop‑up menu next to the Width and Height boxes you need.Select the  Relative, and enter the amount you want to add from the image’s current canvas size. This feature is handy when you’re adding or removing equal amounts of canvas around images with fractional measurements.Enter a positive number to add to the canvas, and enter a negative number to subtract from the canvas.

4.Specify your desired anchor placement.For Anchor, click a square to indicate where to position the existing image on the new canvas. The anchor shows how the image sits inside the canvas.

5.Choose an option from the Canvas Extension Color menu: Foreground to fill the new canvas with the current foreground color or your needy color. Background to fill the new canvas with the current background color. White, Black, or Gray to fill the new canvas with that color any of you want.Other to select a new canvas color using the Color Picker.You can also click this swatch to access the Color Picker.

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