Feather in photoshop CC, CS6, CS5, CS3

goodly In the fourth step of the method you will be using the 4px value for the sake of Feather and -62% for the purpose of the Shift Edge. Now just make the changes in the output to Layer Mask and then click OK option. Conclusion: Well, this method shows out the fact that bringing the effect of feather in the Photoshop cc is quite alot easy and is just the matter of few minutes. There is no hard and fast rule to follow out here. It would simply be adding the whole image with the fantastic and classy form of the impressions that make it look stand out. So get ready to try it now!

How to Feather in photoshop CC, CS6, CS5, CS3 Do you know How to Feather in Photoshop CC? As we all know that Photoshop has been carried out with countless features in its prospects that would help you at the best in bringing attractive looks in your images. In all …

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Rotate a layer in photoshop CS6

get Rotate Layer Photoshop cs6

How to rotate a layer in photoshop CS6 Do You know How to rotate a layer in Photoshop CS6? As you will make the use of the Adobe Photoshop CS5, you will feel out the fact that one of its finest feature ability comes over when it can separate your …

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Easily add fonts to photoshop CS6

goodly how to add fonts to photoshop CS6

Do you want to learn about the trick of adding fonts to Photoshop CS6? If yes, then you have finally reached the right destination! Adding fonts in your Photoshop content will 100% make it look stand out and outstanding for others? But the main question is that how is it …

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