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The Song of Sway Lake Full Movie (2018) Watch, Online, HD

The Song of Sway Lake

About The Song of Sway Lake

The Orchard has taken over American rights from The Song Of Sway Lake, starring Rory Culkin, Robert Sheehan and Mary Beth Peil, after starting the talks in Cannes.

The distributor, immediately after its acquisition in North America from the opening of Directors’ Fortnight, Birds Of Passage, plans a theatrical release on September 21 followed by VOD and digital releases on September 25.

Ari Gold directed a script he wrote with Elizabeth Bull about a young man whose plans to steal a long-lost jazz album from his grandmother’s lake house derails when his accomplice falls in love with the matriarch.

The Song Of Sway Lake presents original and classic songs. Gold from Grack Films, Michael Bederman, Allison Rose Carter and Zak Kilberg from Social Construct served as producers. Garrett P. Fennelly and Anne Bernstein are executive producers.

“The Song Of Sway Lake received a strong interest from buyers in Cannes,” said Kew Media Group executive sales and distribution VP Jonathan Ford, who launched international sales at the Croisette. “His star cast and ultra-high production values ​​set him apart.”

Evan Morehouse of The Orchard negotiated the deal with Benjamin Weiss and Derek Kigongo of Paradigm and lawyer Orly Ravid of MSK on behalf of the filmmakers.

“I gave you a home, I did not give you my name!” The Orchard has released a new official trailer for an independent film called The Song of Sway Lake, a kind of musical fable about a boy trying to steal a rare vinyl record from his own family’s property. Rory Culkin stars in this as Ollie, and the cast includes Robert Sheehan, Isabelle McNally, Mary Beth Peil, Elizabeth Peña, Jack Falahee, Brian Dennehy and Anna Shields. This is actually, oddly enough, supposedly a musical featuring vocal performances by Brian Dennehy, John Grant and The Staves. This looks weird, weird and too weird to be really good, but you never know. If you think some of this sounds convincing, then look at the next trailer.

The plot of a young man to steal a valuable jazz record from his grandmother’s lake house is derailed when his accomplice falls in love with the matriarch. The music collector Ollie Sway recruits his only friend, a Russian vagabond cheat, to help him steal a record 78 of his own family’s property. The Song of Sway Lake is directed by American actor and film director Ari Gold, and made his second film after Adventures of Power. The script is written by Elizabeth Bull and Ari Gold. It premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival last year and also performed at the Tuscon and Woodstock Film Festivals. The Orchard will release Gold’s The Song of Sway Lake in select theaters + on VOD beginning September 21 soon.

When words fail, there is music, and when music fails, there is silence. These words, spoken in the background of The Song of Sway Lake, help to establish the tranquility of director Ari Gold’s second feature film. The atmosphere is serene: jazz and classical music accompany the impressive images of the Adirondacks. For these and other reasons, The Song of Sway Lake can be called an impressive movie, in its sounds, silences and performances.


  • Teenager Ollie Sway (Rory Culkin) is on a mission to steal an exceptional 78 ‘record of his family’s property in the Sway Lake region of New York. His father, a collector, recently committed suicide.
  • Ollie has the help of Nikolai (Robert Sheehan), a Russian immigrant who tries to put his life back on track. Everything goes according to plan: Ollie and Nikolai loot the house, enjoying various acts of scandal adolescent. But, things take a significant turn when Charlie Sway (Mary Beth Peil) arrives, the matriarch of the family and current owner of the Sway estate.
  • It is where these three characters intersect, physically and emotionally, that the film offers its best exploration of personal desire and longing for the past.
  • Ollie, although distant and relaxed, is chased by his father, who wants him to find the album. This ambition is complicated when he falls in love with a girl named Isadora (Isabel McNally).
  • The relationship between Charlie and Ollie, which is sometimes bitter, also occupies a prominent place. The conflicts between the two continue throughout the film.
  • Nikolai, the Casanova type, has a bombastic sense of himself. He is looking for the legendary America of an immigrant’s imagination, one that he believes he has found in relation to the Sway family. This conventionally masculine man (interested in the army, boats and outdoor activities) is enchanted with the old matriarch, Charlie, who is Ollie’s grandmother. He embraces his aristocratic behavior and is almost obsessive about studying and pleasing her.
  • He is also hypnotized by the diaries and photographs of Hal Sway (Charlie’s husband, the war hero). The desire within him to be like Captain Hal Sway becomes palpable as the movie progresses. He has stored all the objects associated with Charlie (photographs, jewelry, husband’s hat, etc.) in a drawer.
  • The contrasts between Ollie and Nikolai are beautifully worked: Ollie disdains everything related to his lineage, while Nikolai wants to be in Ollie’s place.

Mary Beth Peil is fantastic in the role of Charlie, whose opulent charm radiates through hesitant moods, sometimes warm and other times cold. Their facial expressions and their body language say more than what can be communicated in the dialogue. While Charlie sits down writing responses to the letters of condolences he received for the death of his son, he tells Nikolai: “I do not cry … My son did what he did.” Timmy cursed this place … ”

The film explores the complexity of family relationships, especially of parents and children, through multiple points of view and in time. Connect several generations of Sways and bring Nikolai as well. In one of the most moving moments of the film, Ollie asks his father for advice (through a dream) about selecting music to plan for Isadora. His father replies: “What do ugly guys like us know about love?” The deceased father’s self-deprecation and sadness weigh on Ollie. Later Ollie asks his father how he felt so much about a record he had never heard (the album has not been opened to preserve its value). “It’s like love,” says his father, “Better leave it intact.” With the end of each dream, Ollie feels a greater burden on his chest: he is literally suffocating because of the burden of his lineage.

Song of the Sway Lake is a moving film that will attract fans of quiet and impressive dramas. It is a film in which time seems to stop, a deep study of the character that reveals the inner lives and scars of his subjects, layer by layer.


After the suicide of his father, a young record collector and his friend go to the lake house of his family to claim a valuable jazz recording. While he is there, encounters with his grandmother and a neighbor separate years of family suffering.

Initial release: September 21, 2018 (USA)
Director: Ari Gold
Music composed by: Ethan Gold
Cinematography: Eric Lin
Screenplay: Ari Gold, Elizabeth Bull
Producers: Michael Bederman, Zak Kilberg, Ari Gold, Allison Rose Carter


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